System Compatibility Check

Your system has been evaluated for compatibility with Traders Edge. See the table below for information on your system’s compatibility status and what you can do to resolve any issues found.

Prerequisite Passed Resolution
Operating System False Run Windows OS 
Internet Explorer 6 and above False Install Internet Explorer 
.NET Framework Version 2.0 False Install .NET Framework Version 2.0 

End User License Agreement

Please click the link below to review the End User License Agreement for Traders Edge. Once you have done so, please click the Agree button to proceed with installation.

View License Agreement


Please click the Install button below (after you have agreed to the End User License Agreement) to initiate installation of Traders Edge. When your browser prompts you to ‘Open’ or ‘Save’ the program, you MUST choose to ‘Run’ it in order for successful installation to take place.

WARNING: If you are using a firewall program, please ensure that it is configured to ask you if a new application should be given Internet access.  While installing the application, you could be prompted multiple times by your firewall to allow access.  Accept all of these prompts.  Failure to do this could result in the application not functioning.